Current Projects

The East Africa Project

We’re excited to be a part of what God is doing in East Africa. While we continue to encourage, equip and empower pastors around the globe, for the next few months we’re focusing extra attention on East Africa. We’re developing new strategies and tools to equip those who are in positions of leadership to pass what they have learned along to other leaders, thus creating a ministry model that will multiply exponentially. You can partner with us with prayer and finances for:

  • Three physical visits to East Africa in the coming 12 months. Beginning with a trip in November, 2021, we will be physically onsite to further relationships, equip pastors, and follow-up with those we’re already working with. Pray for health as we travel, discernment as we engage with other cultures, and wisdom as we work to equip pastors. Pray also for the funds needed to make these mission trips successful. $10,000 per trip includes travel, room/board, translation and the cost of seminars for pastors.

Resource Translation


One of our primary strategies is to provide print resources written specifically for pastors in developing nations. These short books are edited in partnership with a pastor from the region, then translated into the heart language of that region. The books are printed in-country, which both supports the local economy and is done at a much lower cost than printing in the US.


Comments on Ephesians, the first in a series, is now available in East Africa in English, Swahili and Portuguese. 4,500 copies have been printed so far, 80 percent have been distributed. We plan to add French and Lugandan.

  1. Pray for accuracy and discernment as these books are translated into local languages. $500 covers the cost of each additional translation in East Africa.

  2. Pray for the impact of these books as they are distributed in conjunction with training seminars, which help the pastors understand the material and how to teach what they have learned. We can print 1,000 books for $1,000.