What We Do


21C International uses social media, biblical training, and printed resources to encourage, equip and empower Christian pastors and leaders in developing nations.

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media avenues are readily available throughout the developing world. We leverage that availability to encourage, equip and empower pastors and leaders through positive messaging, carefully crafted leadership ideas and biblical teaching posts. We also use Facebook as a means of networking and providing online personal coaching.

Biblical Training

Tens of thousands of pastors around the world have little training and virtually no access to training. Our daily posts make biblical teaching accessible to anyone with a smart phone. Short teaching videos offer the next level of instruction, and can be freely used with small groups and local congregations. Live online teaching for churches and conferences is available. We also travel as often as possible to build relationships and provide in person training for pastors.

Print Resources

Many pastors and leaders are ready for more training and information than social media can provide. Our resources are created knowing that many of the men and women we serve have little access to training; even less access to materials in their own heart-languages. Written specifically for pastors in developing nations, our new Comments series provides introductory teaching on a variety of biblical topics and books to be translated by national partners into the heart-languages of the pastors and leaders we serve. Once translated, the books will be printed locally and distributed through networks of like-minded churches and organizations.